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2014 - 2015 Course Dates

Accelerator Technology Education Course - Week of April 14-17, 2015
Course Co-Leaders: Dr. Marco Carlone and Mr. Bernhard Norrlinger
Guest Faculty: TBA
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Accelerator Technology

Modern linear accelerators incorporate advanced beam delivery and imaging technologies to deliver radiation therapy treatments with accuracy and precision. Maintaining a linear accelerator to high performance standards requires knowledgeable staff with a thorough understanding of the various systems found in an accelerator, their servicing requirements, and how they interact to deliver patient treatments as intended.

The ATec Education Course is developed to address the training needs of physics staff responsible for the maintenance of medical accelerators. The emphasis of the course is on the practical aspects of maintaining Linacs, through a combination of lectures and hands-on labs. At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the theory of operation and servicing requirements of accelerators, multi-leaf collimators (MLCs) and accelerator-based imaging systems
  • Understand the safety and licensing issues related to accelerator servicing
  • Optimize dynamic beam delivery accuracy to improve accelerator performance
  • Develop and participate in an effective service and quality control team

This 3.5 day course runs from midday Monday through to end of day Thursday, with a networking event scheduled for Wednesday evening. A sample course program is available for your reference. Please note this is not a final program and is subject to change without notice.


ATec Course Program Overview
Endorsed by the AAPM

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