Undergoing cancer treatment can be financially stressful. You can talk to a social worker to find out about income assistance programs. The financial help these programs provide meets only basic needs. This means that the benefits you receive will probably be less than the income you receive from work.

Income assistance programs include:

  • Private work-related benefits.
    Speak to the personnel or human resources department at your workplace about what kind of assistance is available to you.
  • Private health insurance plans.
    Speak to your insurance provider about what kind of assistance is available to you.
  • Government social insurance benefits.
    Social insurance benefits are provided by the federal government. The money comes from contributions you make if you are an employee.
  • Government social assistance benefits.
    Social assistance benefits are provided by the provincial government. You do not need to make workplace contributions to this plan to get benefits.


How to Apply for Income Assistance

Talk to a social worker to find out more about income assistance.

You can ask a member of your healthcare team to arrange for you to see a social worker. You can also call the Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care at 416 946 4525 to arrange an appointment.

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